Podiatry treatments in Newry and Kilkeel

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Podiatric Biomechanics

Podiatric biomechanics this is an assessment of the structure, alignment and function of the foot and legs. The foot contains 26 bones and has adapted through its evolution from a foot which walked on terrain which was varied and uneven, to today when we meet hard manmade surfaces subjecting our feet and lower limbs to low impact stresses and strains.

These stresses and motions can place the feet, legs, and pelvis and spine under considerable stress. This can result in pain not only in the foot, heel, legs but also the lower back, knees and overall trunk. These problems are exacerbated by wearing tight or ill-fitted shoes or by inappropriate footwear for the job in hand be it running or walking.

A detailed assessment of the structure of the foot and gait analysis can help identify factors that may cause or contribute to the pain and discomfort. The use of special shoe inserts {orthotics} can help control the way in which the foot and leg function and thus reduce discomfort. Exercises will be prescribed to improve strength and flexibility of the associated muscles.

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